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Benefits of Square Dancing

No, nothing to do with means-tested types.

We don't pay people to dance - We want you to want to dance with us because you can see the benefits.

So how do you know if you don't try it.

You may ask: " Can Square dancing be beneficial to me?"  or "What benefits will Square Dancing give me?" 

  • Gives you a gentle all round exercise
  • Keeps your mind stimulated
  • Keeps those joints working (no heavy fitness programmes here)


  • Gives you lots of laughs
  • Laughing exercises more muscles than you thought you had

Low-Cost Activity

Entrance fees for an evening are not charged by the hour. They vary according to overheads but 2 - 2 hours is around 2.  Very few callers are paid.

Your first evening with us is FREE 

I'm afraid to say: First evening free or your money back, because someone will find a way round it.


There is so much competition in our lives.  Work places become increasingly so .  Do we need it at work and home.  ESCAPE.  Come and relax.  No medals here. 

Family Activity

How many recreational activities can you do as a family? Square Dancing is one you can. Youngsters around 9 or 10 years old are ideal for starting (and can bring their grandparents!).

No Partner Needed

Come as you are

Even if you don't have a regular dancing partner you don't dance on your own. Dancing with others helps everyone along.  Don't fear that if you make a mistake you'll upset everyone/ let your side down.  Even the most experienced dancers make mistakes, they are just better at covering them up, that's all.

So there you have it

  • The opportunity to meet people and make friends, locally and nationally.
  • An activity where you can be active without feeling it's more like a workout.
  • Somewhere you can take your family.

One last health warning

 Square Dancing can become addictive.
 (At least it won't kill you) 

To Sum Up.

Square Dancing is:

A Happy, Healthy, Low-cost, Non-Competitive, 
Family Activity. 

Set to Music.

Okay, okay so why didn't I say so in the first place.

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last updated - 14th September 2016