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Welcome To   Ericís Musings 

Hello Everyone.

Well, the Club has now passed it's 30th Birthday.    We had a Caller come in who runs a Club in Surrey who we have known since he first started to learn to Call some years ago.   We had a good evening, that was in May, but already it's September and time for recruiting again.   I've already been out to the car boot sales handing out leaflets.    Our   Open Evenings  are throughout September and this year we have advertised in the village magazines of all the surrounding villages.    Crossing our fingers, again.

Of the three ladies I have previously mentioned last year, two of them have moved away, another lady had contracted cancer and another with health problems.    So we need new dancers to help make up the numbers.

We had our Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance in March and have others scheduled for October and February 2020.   All our non-club night dances are supported by dancers from other clubs.

So, if you are reading this I guess you have found our site and are curious enough to read what it's about so I say, Come and Join Us.   I always say come and give the dancing a try.    You never know till you try.   

OPEN EVENINGS starting at 7.30pm at Steventon Village Hall (OX13 6RR)

Bye for now,

Eric, the Caller.

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last updated - 8th September 2019