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Welcome To   Ericís Musings 

Hello Everyone.

Another year gone around and our three ladies who started this time last year have completed the Mainstream Programme.    One lady with previous dancing experience has joined us but you don't need to have any experience or partner, although if you have and you're used to moving with music, you certainly flow into things more easily.

I've been out at several car boots with my sandwich boards and flyers and although I've handed out quite a few flyers no-one yet has responded.    A shame, because they don't know what they're missing.   I certainly wasn't expecting every one who had flyers, to come, but thought we ought to get someone.

One lady said that although she couldn't come herself she would put it on Instantgram to get us further publicity which I considered was very kind.    So, fingers' crossed.    Quite often members are away or indisposed so it's unlikely to have full attendance at a club evening.    I guess most club's are like that but the more people that attend, the better.

This next year, we're having an Evening Dance in November, a Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance in both March and October. And in May the club will be 30 years old, celebrating with a Birthday Dance, of course.    We couldn't imagine our selves being 30 when we started that long ago in 1989.   Rather like when you're a teenager you can't imagine yourself being 70 or 80.

So, if by any chance you've come across this page and you don't know what Square Dancing is all about, then come and find out.    We're dancing every Tuesday at Steventon Village Hall starting at 7.30pm

Bye for now,
Eric, the Caller.

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last updated - 12th September 2018