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Square Dancing can increase your lifespan. See below for more details!

Hello Again. 

A Picture of Eric and Betty Web               microphone

I'm Eric Webb and I'm the Club caller.

Betty is my wife and square dance partner.

We started the Contround (say Con -tround) Eights Square Dance Club, based in Oxfordshire, in the spring of 1989.  We started with a group of dancers who, along with us, had belonged to a club which had just closed. We danced for about 3 years, then put ourselves on a formal footing, gave ourselves a name and became eligible to affiliate to the British Association of American Square Dance Clubs (which was 50 years old in 2003).

Square Dance Clubs can choose any name, usually not used by another club because it causes confusion, and then design a logo. It's not too difficult to work out that our logo is made up of the formations we dance, a Square, two lines of Contra and a circle, Round. (see What We Dance). 
The reason for showing the syllables of our name is because sometimes people "see" the word as Contraround.

Betty and I both began dancing in the 60's, before we met, so have seen how Square Dancing has progressed and changed. We have danced on many Square Dance holidays and weekends. 

We were once dancing in America at a National Convention where almost 18,000 dancers were attending. When I tell you that on one occasion  we were dancing with three couples, each from a different country and not a common language between us, but because all square dance commands are given in English everyone knew the movements to dance, then we can say that Square Dancing is truly international.

We are a small club. Over the years some dancers have retired, or moved, or decided to have a rest, or had a change in personal circumstances, etc, but others have joined.

Where we dance 
We meet at the Steventon Village Hall, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire. This is in the center of the village, on the B4017, has easy access from anywhere, and is only two minutes from the A34. We are normally there every Tuesday, starting at 7.30pm, finishing around 10.00pm, but if you're travelling far, please phone to confirm 01235 834778, we do have the occasional  day off. 

Through Square Dancing, we have made friends from all over the country. Watching new dancers begin and progress to become experienced dancers is very satisfying. 
For new dancers, "Welcome to the World of Square Dancing " is a very apt expression. 

If you would like to try dancing with us then come and join us any Tuesday in September for a free evening. 

Here are a few pictures taken at our Birthday dances and Graduations.

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last updated - 12th September 2016