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What We Wear               The Pictures

For Newer Dancers on Club Nights

Nothing formal, just clothes you feel comfortable to move around in and shoes with soles which are not too grippy (like tractor tyre treads). Six inch heels for ladies won't work too well but coupled with a mini-skirt - not advisable. If only because it distracts the caller (you can guess most are males).

Other Dances

Now, we all like to "dress up" on a Saturday evening and Square Dancers are no exception. Square Dancing does have a "dress". You can see from the pictures the numerous patterns and colours and usually couples use a combination of these to match each other. If you are Solo (no regular partner) you don't have to match anyone. If you are a newer dancer on a Saturday evening, just dress the same as Club Evenings.

In the 60's and 70's skirts/dresses followed the fashion and became shorter but then lengthened again and settled to  - the length which suits you, which means longer ones without petticoats if you wish, whatever a lady feels is comfortable (and knows she looks good wearing. We like the ladies looking good don't we fellas)

Haven't you noticed how dressing for weddings and sometimes funerals has become much more relaxed.

There is a dress code.
Ladies wear dresses or blouses and skirts, usually full circle size to accommodate the petticoats underneath. Unless you wear long prairie style skirts.

Men wear western style shirts with lariat or similar ties or dress an ordinary coloured shirt up with a lariat and corner pieces to attach to the collar. Smart trousers or western style trousers. Jeans are not often seen, at least not denim but the smart non-denim styles look okay. Long sleeves are normally worn (always to Saturday night dances),  although it can be relaxed on club evenings to short sleeve shirts, particularly when the weather is very hot. There's a good reason for  long sleeve shirts - makes it more pleasant for men to hold each others wrists in a men's Star formation and means no hairy arms. (Do we need to be reminded of our ancestry?)

Many of these outfits can be bought at square Dance shops which can be found at some Saturday dances. If you are handy at dressmaking then you could make or amend your own but beware, if there isn't another dancer who is also handy you may find yourself making more.

Finally, Shoes 

Ladies, what you are comfortable in, suggest not too much of a heel. Men, not too grippy, certainly so they don't "squeak". We dance with feet fairly close to the floor, moving one step to each beat of music.

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last updated - 28th August 2009